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Just my Opinion(as a student and a citizen of RP): 2016 is more or less one and a half year away from the present time but why are we focusing on what problems are possible to happen in the near future, isn’t it long long enough to lessen these so that we can gradually cope up with the changes in the system. If we postpone the K-12 program we’re just prolonging the worries of the present problems and the agony of several people of what may happen and what problems will soon arise after implementing the program. How can we say these things if we’re afraid to try. Nothing is perfect on first times, there will always be a problem even how small or big it is, still it’ll be inevitable. Life is a TRIAL and ERROR!

K-12 should push THROUGH! Though we produce engineers and professionals with high capability with the present educational system, it doesn’t show that we should stay with the past system. Everything must go with the flow.

K-12 should push THROUGH in 2016!


Senator Antonio “Sonny” F. Trillanes IV is pushing for the suspension of the implementation of the K to 12 Program, pending resolutions to the current fundamental problems of the country’s education system, as well as the projected problems it will encounter at the start of its scheduled implementation in 2016.

"It is in the best interest of the country to suspend the K to 12 Program while we are addressing the perennial problems of our education system, such as the lack of classrooms and school materials, high student-teacher ratio, and low salary of teachers. In addition to this is the government’s unpreparedness to the threatened retrenchment of around 85,000 college professors and employees when the program commences in 2016,” said Trillanes, who conducted a country-wide inspections and consultations on K to 12.

“The poor quality of the country’s education system will only be solved by first addressing these fundamental problems. Once we provide a conducive learning environment, it’s going to reflect on the student’s performance in school,” Trillanes, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Civil Service and Government Reorganization, added.

Trillanes also scores the government’s claim that they have already eradicated the classroom backlogs.

"That is not true. There are still a lot of schools which continue to use make-shift classrooms, or take shifts in using classrooms just to accommodate their students. This situation would even worsen once two batches of students would be absorbed in addition to the four levels of high school that we have now. In terms of school materials, students continue to share with each other with the ratio of as high as four students per module. This number will definitely increase as the K to 12 Program commences in 2016, " Trillanes emphasized.

Trillanes further laments the volunteer status of many Kindergarten teachers who earn only P3,000.00 per month. He, likewise, questions the inadequate training being provided for teachers, who sometimes shoulder the cost of their training, in preparation to the K to 12 implementation.

On the threatened retrenchment of college professors and employees, Trillanes said, “More than numbers, these are people who have families to support. The government should have anticipated this scenario when they pushed for this overly ambitious program.”

It can be recalled that Trillanes opposed the passage of the K to 12 Law due to the same unresolved problems of the country’s education system, which could dispute the good intention of the measure. #


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"You’re not ready to love
If you’re not ready to be hurt

-Hopeless Romantic

Cliche quote

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"Time is not always the thing that matters
You may be the last
But at least you never lose hope


Hopeless Romantic

I never lost my hope to watch the Divergent(HD) even though I never got the chance on big screen

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Kain? o Lamon? let me know!
Send your answers to 0917…..
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My Schedule for the First time of S.Y. 14-15.

a week late post

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"Reason is not always necessary
What important is you’re happy!

-Hopeless Romantic
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Wow ha. Seenzoned. Feeling mo ikinagwapo mo to? Feeling mo cute ka jan? Feeling mo suplado is the new pogi? Di ka nagkakamali. Huhu. . :(

REPLY #2: 

"Uyyy. binasa mo na naman pero di ka nagreply. Tinititigan mo naman yung message ko sa’yo. Natulala ka na naman. Tumigil na naman yung mundo mo dahil saken? Ano baaa. <3"


"Hello test seenzoned. Hello test."


"Pinag-iisipan mo na naman kung anong irereply mo sa’ken? Okay lang yan. Take your time. Sulitin mo yung buhay single. Dahil kapag naging tayo, sa akin na lahat buong oras mo. Goodnight.<3”


"Ah ganon. Seenzoned. Panindigan mo yan okay. Wag mo na akong hahabulin pa or susuyuin o magmakaawang i-crush kita ulit. Tapos na tayo. I’m officially breaking up with you. Period. No erase. Tapon susi.”


"Tinitigan mo message ko, tinititigan ko din message mo. OMG! Para na rin tayong nagkatitigan. :)"


"Aww. Ngayon ko napatunayan na Love is not blind. It sees but it doesn’t mind."


You:  “Uhmm. Let’s talk dirty?”

Crush: ”Sure. Gustong gusto ko yan. :D”

You: “Tae. Basura. Utot. Kulangot. Nana ng Tagihawat. Putik. Inuuod na daga. Suka. Patay na ipis.”

REPLY #9: 

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Kung wala talaga eh di hayaan na lang. Wala itong kasiguraduhan na di ka na ulit masiseenzoned pero isipin mo na lang na kung hindi talaga siya interesado sa’yo, atleast nabigyan mo ng magandang hustisya yung pagkakaseenzoned sa’yo. Hindi yung tinanggap mo na lang sa sarili mo na,

"Shett. Na-seenzoned ako ni crush. Ibalik ang Death Penalty. huhu"

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July 19, 2014

I thought I already moved on but when I had this smallest chance I got today, I tried to call you and I wanted to hear your voice even for the least reason and maybe for the last.

Perhaps, I am only on the first stage, hatred. I hated you for using me, hated you for confusing me, hated you for pretending, that you loved me,though i hoped it’s a lie, and hated you for making me commit mistakes simultaneously.

I don’t know when will this such feeling would only be a part of the bygones of my life but I am looking forward to that day.

Last goodbyes may never ever be the last but hopefully it’s enough for the both of us or just merely mine.By the way I heard your apparently last 3 hello’s this afternoon.

I’ll get used to it (not with you personally and emotionally) soon and you’ll see what kind of waste I am.

sorry for grammatical errors and for difficult-to-impossible-to-understand message 

Thanks for reading

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Metal Pointer